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false ceiling
A false ceiling is a ceiling that is suspended from the main ceiling. The suspension is fixed to the walls, roof or beams of the superstructure.
Materials used:

1. Gypsum Board
Gypsum board is light weight, flexible, fire/moisture resistant and sound proof. It is the most preferred material for false ceiling.
2. Metal Ceiling panels
Metals ceilings are suitable for a large Range of applications. The false ceiling is constructed with metal panels. Usually aluminium or steel panels are used.
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3. Fibreboard and Fibre/Mineral Reinforced Tiles
Fibre reinforced tiles are strengthened with wood vegetable fibre, wood waste, reed paper and agricultural wastes. Mineral tiles are Ceramics reinforced with natural stone, wood, vegetable fibre, bitumen and tars. They have high insulation against sound and fire.
4. Plaster of Paris
Plaster of Paris (POP) is commonly used for constructing false ceilings. POP hardens instantly when water is added to it. It is applied to fibreboard or a wood base, which is then suspended to form the false ceiling.
5. Plywood:
Plywood ceiling is widely used for its visual appeal. The ceiling is created with strips of ply glued or nailed together. The strips are held together and strengthened with ply supports at equal distances.
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